Using some long clear tube, filled with oil , all joined at bottom , then fed off all ITB’s you can see any miss match / difference    

ITB Balance DIY

Moved onto bike ITB’s , running Megasquirt for fuel , and leaving the dizzy on for spark

Moved onto Megasquirt

we never did set the correct advance curve using the dizzy setup .. caused pinking .. then broken pistons  

Damn Pinking…

Well as i have something at the front of my car to look at (16v) I thought I should have something at the back for people to look at. So i though how about REAR disc brakes. I know the don’t give a performance gain, they add to the unsprung […]

Classic Mini Rear Disk Brake Conversion

After i had ordered the AMT subframe i rushed and bought an engine , after being told any 2litre 16v vauxhall lump fits i bought a EcoTec , which i then realised was a bad decision , instead of just selling , we carried on , as thats the way […]

My First 16vMini – Engine Arrived